The Bees

The bees are located on a farm just east of Charlotte in the Piedmont area of North Carolina. They gather nectar from the surrounding woods and fields, and our organic fruit and vegetable gardens. We also plant lots of bee-friendly ground cover and flowers.

We do not take all of their honey at harvest – we leave them plenty to eat during the winter, rather than feed them sugar. If they do happen to run out of honey before the spring nectar flow, then we will feed sugar syrup to get them by. No drug treatments are applied to the hives.

The Honey

The honey is extracted and filtered through a 200 micron sieve. This size removes wax and dirt, but allows pollen to remain in the honey. It is not heated – it’s raw. Raw honey will naturally crystallize! Depending on the storage temperature and the nectar source, some raw honey remains liquid longer than others. It’s all good.

If you would like to re-liquify honey that has crystallized (you don’t have to!), place the sealed jar in a warm water bath, such as a crockpot, on low with a couple inches of water.

Our Honey Products

~Our plain, liquid honey is called Honey Monster.

~Our infused honey is also liquid: Lemony Thyme, Vacation Vanilla, and Sweet N Wicked. They may or may not crystallize before they reach your kitchen.

~Creamed honey has been crystallized on purpose! The crystals are very tiny, so they are smooth on your tongue. Natural crystals are larger. Creamed honey is spreadable and less drippy than liquid honey. Our plain, creamed honey is called Spreadable Honey Monster. We also have creamed honey with extra pollen (Pollenpalooza), cocoa (Chocolate to the Maxx) or cinnamon (Seriously Cinnamized).

The Farm

We have kept bees since 2006! We started this farm to give our homeschooling family space to have horses, milk goats, rabbits, turkeys, chickens, ducks, and a naughty mini-donkey! We also grow loads of organic fruits and vegetables. The kids are grown, and our oldest daughter is an amazing FEI horse trainer and now operates Dunlap Dressage out of the barn.