Honey Drizzled over Cheese

Francie Honey Monster, Lemony Thyme, Sweet N Wicked Leave a Comment

Goat cheese would be my number one pick when pairing a citrus/herbed honey with a cheese (of course try it with other cheeses, too). Lemony Thyme honey fits the bill perfectly! You might think you don’t want to add another step to getting that yummy cheese in your mouth, but let me just say, you won’t be sorry when you taste it!

So the recipe is, whatever you are serving your cheese with, whether it’s crackers, fruit, veggies, crostini bread, drizzle a little of this honey over it and don’t drown it. It will elevate your cheese experience!

If you really want to get wild, try making your own crackers. Fresh crackers are sooooo good! [print-me]

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